WildCharger wireless charger get the hands-on treatment

While the WIldCharger wireless charging pad didn't quite make it's originally-promised release date, a helpful tipster has nonetheless managed to spend a bit of time with one, and he's thankfully provided us with some pics of the unit in action (such as it is). As you can see above, the setup consists of a charging pad and an adapter, in this case one for a Motorola RAZR. That latter component takes the place of the RAZR's battery cover (as pictured after the break), with a tiny arm that plugs into the phone's mini USB port. As an added touch, the adapter also includes a battery that ensure the phone stays stuck to the pad. According to WildCharge, both the pad and RAZR adapter are now set to ship on October 18th, with an iPod nano adapter (2G only, it seems) supposedly set to follow sometime this fall. Eventually, the company says it plans to have options for BlackBerrys, iPhones and a whole host of other gadgets, although at the rate things have been going, we wouldn't hold out for them anytime soon.