E-Ten's Glofiish M800: a better X800 with QWERTY

As we noted back in March, the only thing missing from E-Ten's quad-band GSM, UMTS/HSDPA, and GPS packing Glofiish X800 was the QWERTY. No more. Meet the Glofiish M800, ready to throw down with the best that HTC has to offer when it hits Europe in late November / early December for about €599 (nearly $850) pre-subsidy. For that you get all the best of the X800 -- WinMo 6 Professional on a VGA (480 x 640) touchscreen, SiRFstar III GPS, HSDPA data, standard 2.5-mm audio jack -- but with a beefier 500MHz processor and 1530mAh battery and suit-tacular QWERTY in tow. Without a doubt, a worthy contender... on paper anyway.

[Via mobility site]