Meet iRobo, the Bangladeshi scrapbot

An enterprising graduate student from Bangladesh could be possibly pulling the rug out from under the robotics community with a pet-project he's been working on. According to reports, Feroz Ahmed Siddique of the International Islamic University in Chittagong says he's created a bot that -- when complete -- will pick up objects, mop floors, and perform other simple tasks. The robot, un-creatively named "IRobo" supposedly responds to voice commands, has spatial intelligence, and was made from scrap parts found at electronic and auto shops. "On completion, this robot will comply with different verbal commands for tasks like shifting objects, cleaning floors and standing guard," Siddique says, adding, "I hope people will be able to buy it for less than $1,000." Apparently, the student of engineering has been working on the robot for two years, and is already in talks with an Australian software company about production. Sure, it seems to just be a giant RC car, but soon we may all be getting our floors mopped by the IRobo... hopefully they'll get him a new helmet first. Check the video after the break to see your new robotic friend in action.