Sony's Darth Vader PSP-2000 hits stores today

If you've been looking to jump into PSP land for personal reasons, perhaps are looking to upgrade to a new PSP-2000 "slim," consider yourself a Star Wars fanboy, or maybe just like white things, the new Darth Vader PSP could be just the ticket. The limited edition unit should be on store shelves today, but only comes as part of a $199 bundle which includes the new Star Wars Battlefront game. Of course, we're guessing most people willing to track down a PSP with Darth Vader's likeness silkscreened on the back aren't going to balk at playing a little bit of Battlefront now and then. And if paying money for things isn't really your style, you can always try your luck over at our sister site Joystiq, since they're giving away five of these bundles to some lucky readers.

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