Yamaha's Tenori-On music maker gets reviewed

It's been over two years since we first heard of the Tenori-On instrument, and it's just now hitting boutique audio shops and a particular reviewer's hands. For those who have been hyping themselves up over this thing, we don't exactly have oodles of good news to share, and while the negatives did seem to outweigh the positives, here's the gist of it. On the bright side, the music maker is unique, cute and quite intuitive. It also got brownie points for boasting internal speakers and for being able to run on batteries. Unfortunately, it rings up at £599 (around $1,200), and it simply "feels too cheap" to cost so much; additionally, it lacks touch sensitivity and a hardware volume control. Granted, the hardcore fans may still find the issues acceptable, so do yourself a favor and hit the pros and cons list in the read link below before jumping to conclusions.