Aptera's 300 MPG car available for pre-order

Aptera certainly managed to attract a fair bit of attention for itself earlier this year, when its concept car turned as many heads for its space age looks as it did for its promised 200 MPG range. Now the company looks to be taking the next step on the long road to availability, with it accepting pre-orders for the car, which apparently now boasts a range of 300 MPG in typical driving conditions. What's more, the company says its also readying an all-electric version of the vehicle in addition to the plug-in hybrid model, with promising to last for around 120 miles before needing a recharge. Both models will also apparently come packed with features, include driver and passenger side airbags, interior and exterior LED lighting, a "solar assisted" climate control system, and an "advanced drive computer" that includes GPS, a rear-view camera, and a complete vehicle diagnostic system. All that apparently comes at a bit of a premium over the initially-estimated $20,000 price, however, with the electric and plug-in hybrid models now set to run $26,900 and $29,900, respectively. If that's still in your ballpark, you can reserve yours now for a mere $500, with the first vehicles promised to be in drivers hands in 12 months or so.

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