LG shows off Rolex cellphone concept

LG has already teamed up with Prada and Roberto Cavalli on a couple of fashionphones, and it now looks like it might be ready to work with another similarly high-end brand as well, with TechDigest catching sight of a Rolex concept phone the company recently had on display. Unfortunately, LG doesn't seem to have allowed any pictures of the mysterious yet surely classy phone to be taken, although TechDigest has thankfully provided a description of it to make up for that unfortunate absence. Apparently, the centerpiece of the phone is a presumably-genuine Rolex watch-face that's embedded in the casing, which gets complemented by "luxurious leathery exterior," all of which reportedly looked "reassuringly expensive." While there's no word on a possible release, or any evidence of Rolex's direct involvement for that matter, TechDigest says the phone, and other concept devices on display (including one with a " fully transparent keypad"), were all "pretty well manufactured," which suggests a release could at least be possible.