Parrot launches the SK 4000 Bluetooth motorcycle headset

The next time you're heading down the highway, Easy Rider-style, looking for adventure and what-not, you may also want to remain in touch with the less rebellious and not-so-tattooed outside world. Luckily, the good folks at Parrot have come to your aid with the SK 4000 -- a Bluetooth headset meant for use with motorcycle helmets -- which features voice recognition, an FM RDS stereo, text to speech, A2DP support, 10 hours of battery life (600 on standby), and a handlebar-mounted RF remote control. Sure, you'll have to use The Man's money to get one, but once you do, you'll be free to wave your freak-flag wherever and whenever you choose... as long as you get permission from your wife. Available before the end of the year, €199 (or around $282).

[Via Daily Motorcycle News]