Penn State goes Big Brother with new high-security testing room

Our attempts to cheat in college pretty much boiled down to a smeary mess of indecipherable acronyms written on our palms, but apparently the kids at Penn State have moved on from iPods and calculators, because the school has resorted to building a high-tech cheat-proof exam facility to cut down on the fakers. Students first enter through a security gate which displays ID photos to proctors on monitors as kids swipe their IDs before sitting down at individual cubes outfitted with network-disabled PCs to take their tests. Proctors are given strict lists of what's allowed and what's not -- everything from textbooks to pencils can be outlawed -- and continually monitor the room with a bank of ceiling-mounted video cameras as well as random spot-checks. We're not certain why Penn State wants test-taking to be even more nerve-wracking than it already is, but something tells us profs who give 24-hour take home exams are going to be mighty popular from now on.

[Via Switched]