Sony Ericsson's MBS-100 Bluetooth speaker might contain spores

If Sony Ericsson was the name for an embarrassing fungal wart then you'd be reaching for a bucket right about now. However, given that SE makes consumer electronics you're actually looking at their new MBS-100 Bluetooth speaker. The crater-pocked sphere features A2DP stereo audio and a rechargeable 5-hour battery for delicious portability. Unfortunately, SE tells us that it "looks as good as it sounds" which doesn't make us too hopeful on the acoustic front. They've also released a 25-hour, HCB-105 Bluetooth car Speakerphone kit. Sure, it looks a bit staid but at least it won't scare the children. No prices given, but the MBS-100 will drop in Q4 while the HCB-105 arrives in Q1.