Microsoft patent app shows off new user interface for mobiles

If you had any doubts about Microsoft's ability to innovate in the mobile user interface department, here's a new patent application to mull over. Titled "Extensible Filtered Lists for Mobile Device User Interface," the documentation spells out details for improving the way mobile users interact with the data on their devices. Apparently, the app concentrates on arranging information in "groups or lists," each of which can "include multiple items that provide access to data or tasks from multiple applications." Essentially, these customizable lists (more pictured after the break) would allow users to "quickly access relevant content such as commonly used data or tasks," and moreover, it was noted that the items could be "dynamically updated based upon changes in the underlying data or services provided by software applications." On the surface, the details all sound fairly attractive, but feel free to hit the read link for the full rundown.