5G iPods hacked to run updated interface

It looks like those 5G and 5.5G iPods owners out there that have been feeling a little envious of the iPod classic's slick new interface now have at least one option at their disposal to give their player a bit of a facelift, although it seems that only the most fearless need apply. While it doesn't go so far as to add the much-vaunted Cover Flow, the newly-released and entirely unofficial firmware hack (which ironically requires the Windows-only iPodWizard software) does seem to mimic most of the features in the latest interface, including the split screen design, and the revised now playing screen. Not surprisingly, a number of users have reported that the hack has bricked their precious iPods, so you may want to reconsider your distaste for you iPod's current interface -- at least until all the kinks are worked out.

[Via iLounge]