Canon's EOS-1D Mark III DSLR gets reviewed

Although Canon's powerful EOS-1D Mark III has priced itself right out of consideration for a large sect, the niche that has been waiting in tense anticipation to see a solid review of the unit need wait no more. The folks over at Digital Camera Info were able to put the beastly DSLR through a gauntlet of tests, and while it did end up shining gloriously in the bulk of them, one persistent problem seemed to mar the otherwise flawless camera. As expected, the design, speed, live LCD, color accuracy, noise / low light performance and controls were all highly praised, but the white balance and a nagging autofocus problem did prove troublesome. Granted, the reviewers did state that a firmware fix seemed to solve the issue, but it was apparently so aggravating that patient folks (who?) may want to consider holding off until things get ironed out. Nevertheless, the unit was still regarded as a fantastic DSLR, and if you've got five grand just burning a hole in your pocket, why not take some time out and read the full review before taking the plunge?

[Via DigitalPhotographyBlog]