LG's XNOTE R200 with SideShow out in Korea

LG just kicked out the Z1 prototype as the production-quality, dual-LCD XNOTE R200. That 2.5-inch touch-sensitive, Windows SideShow LCD makes for quick access to email, photos, music, "mini-games" and plenty of Vista gadgets without having to boot the OS or even flip open the lappie. The laptop itself starts with a basic (R200-EP76K) configuration of a 12.1-inch LCD, 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of memory, 128MB of ATI HD 2400 graphics, 802.11a/g/draft-n, and 160GB of disk for as estimated ???2,240,000. That's about $2,440 should it ever arrive Stateside. Anyone else feeling a bit let down by the dearth of SideShow devices after all the fuss made by the industry at CES in January?