Analyst says AT&T "likely" to acquire EchoStar

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Donald Melanson
October 16, 2007 12:14 PM
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Analyst says AT&T "likely" to acquire EchoStar
It already seemed like things were moving along quickly, and now a Citi Investment Research analyst is saying that an AT&T acquisition of Dish-parent (and new Sling owner) Echostar is even more likely. Specifically, Jason Bazinet speculates that there's a "65 percent chance AT&T buys DISH within 12 months," although he apparently had few other details about the potential acquisition to prognosticate about. All of this follows word from the last round of rumors that Echostar would be spinning its consumer TV service off from its technology and equipment business, which we assume is still the slice of the company that AT&T is interested in.
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