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Apple's got a new 13-inch laptop prepped for Leopard launch?

Nothing like a wild and unsubstantiated Apple rumor to keep us entertained in the run up to Apple's Leopard launch on the 26th. The latest comes courtesy of's Scott Moritz, who says Apple will have a new 13-inch ultraportable laptop ready to coincide with Leopard's launch party, and the laptop will be aluminum like the MacBook Pros. Unfortunately, not only do we have zero idea where he got this information, it's also unclear from his statement if this will be a refresh to the existing MacBook line, an additional tier of "Pro" ultraportable Apple laptop, or maybe that "Slim" unit we've been hearing about. We've got our fingers crossed for the latter options, but the MacBook could certainly use a bit of TLC, so either way it wouldn't be a total loss.

[Thanks, Byrd]

Update: Many people in comments have pointed out quite accurately that this guy really has crap for a track record. He's been particularly off on iPhone numbers in the past, and some even claim he's screwing with Apple stock on purpose. While that's a pretty wild accusation to be slinging around, we'd certainly caution you from placing any hope in this guy's predictions -- ours has certainly been shaken.