Nokia N810 hands-on

And to round out today's N810 coverage, we've got a hands-on of Nokia's new device. Anyone following Nokia's internet tablet devices knows that we've been asking for a QWERTY keyboard on the thing since day one -- it's just too bad the N810 keyboard disappoints us so. Sure, the keys are large, backlit, and far more tactile than on the E90, but the top row is jammed right up against the bottom of the screen, making typing really difficult without keeping your thumbs totally perpendicular to the keyboard. The N810 could really benefit from the room of a few millimeters more slide if you ask us, but everything else was pure N-series tablet, and N800 (and possibly N700) owners can expect to get all the same software updates when the N810 launches. Check out the pictures, including some size comparisons to the iPhone.