Art of Shaving Fusion Power razor costs $150, sports flashlight

Granted, today's newfangled razors and their associated disposable blades are pretty pricey, but if we're to pay $150 for a shaving tool that doesn't come with a lifetime supply of refills, there had better be some value-added features to pique our interest. Well specialty retailer The Art of Shaving may have done just that with its Fusion Chrome Collection Power Razor, which is essentially a vibrating metal handle for the latest five-blade Gillette offering that also happens to sport -- wait for it -- a built-in flashlight! That's right, never again will you show up for work all cut and bloody after the electric company has cut off the juice and you're forced to shave in the pre-dawn darkness. Forget about that family of fleas who have set up camp in your goatee: they'll skulk in the shadows no longer. And no more embarrassing trips to the hospital after an "oopsie" while trimming your bikini zone. Yes, friends, this is truly convergence at its best.

[Via Shaving Stuff]