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Doom RPG could be making its way to the DS

During an interview with Fountainhead's Anna Kang, Orcs & Elves was the main focus. And, with it leaping from cell phones to the DS, naturally other titles must be looked at as possibly being able to be ported or re-created for Ninytendo's platform. And a game we would like to see brought over is one they're already talking about, apparently: Doom RPG.

"Well, we've been talking about that. We would like to bring it to the DS," Kang said. She further added that there could be some issues with the younger audience that the handheld commands, stating "there's a real significant change that we'd like to make, and the interesting thing is that the DS is a much younger audience gaming platform. And Doom being Doom, we're not sure whether a mature rated game would do well on the DS."