Sun's SPOT: a poor man's Minority Report interface

What happens when you combine Sun's Small Programmable Object Technology with its Project Looking Glass 3D user interface environment, and add a glove with an accelerometer? Apparently, the second third attempt at the early 21st century's equivalent of Minority Report's glove based user interface, with a demo video showing an operator browsing a desktop using simply hand and finger motions. There's a pretty noticeable lag, the system still uses a mouse pointer, and the operator obviously has to stand dead still for it to work, but this is probably the closest anyone has come to emulating the geek dream that is the pre-crime memory navigator that Tom Cruise evangelized in the film. It's about time that someone figured out a system that could replace the humble mouse: unfortunately, this is only a baby step towards that goal.

[Via sLists; thanks, akhel]