AT&T teams with Napster (again) for wireless downloads

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Paul Miller
October 22, 2007 9:35 AM
AT&T teams with Napster (again) for wireless downloads image
AT&T teams with Napster (again) for wireless downloads image
We suppose the third time's a charm. AT&T and Napster have quite the history of offering up lackluster deals to customers -- first with that $14.95 Napster To Go scam on Cingular, then the free Napster To Go on AT&T -- but they're finally doing it up right and offering wireless downloads from Napster's 5 million strong catalog to AT&T's music-starved subscribers. Right now your options with the carrier are eMusic for some spendy wireless downloads, or the iPhone. Unfortunately, while Napster bests eMusic on selection, the price remains the same at $7.49 per five songs, and these ain't no DRM-free affair like eMusic. The Napster service will also allow for $1.99 a la carte purchases, something eMusic lacks, and with every purchase you receive an email on your PC to help you download a copy of the track. Verizon and Sprint have quite the jump on AT&T when it comes to over-the-air music downloads, but we'll see if AT&T can start to gain some ground starting early next month when the service launches. Oh, and before you ask: no, Napster won't work on the iPhone.
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