Citizen unveils Bluetooth-enabled i:Virt watches

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.23.07

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Citizen unveils Bluetooth-enabled i:Virt watches image
Citizen unveils Bluetooth-enabled i:Virt watches image

Truthfully, we've no idea whether Citizen really did replace its VIRT design team or if they all just had an epiphany, but whatever the case, the outfit's latest lineup of Bluetooth-enabled wristwatches actually look... marginally wearable. The i:Virt collection, which comes in four colors along with a metal-banded sibling, is capable of playing nice with your Bluetooth mobile, and moreover, they all boast a battery life of up to five days with BT turned on. Furthermore, the units are water-resistant and feature a color LCD, phone battery meter, caller ID, signal display, call history list and email viewer. Unfortunately, it seems as though the watches all sport the elusive "open price" for now, but feel free to take a closer look at the gang after the jump.

[Via WristWatch]

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