OLPC goes after deep-pocketed donors

It looks like those feeling especially generous now have another option at their disposal to help spread the OLPC XO to as many places as possible, with the OLPC Foundation now offering a number of options for those willing to donate 100+, 1,000+, or 10,000+ laptops. Under the so-called "Give Many" program, 100 or more laptops will cost you $299 apiece, and you can designate where you'd like the laptops sent. OLPC will also use $99 from each $299 donated to send an additional 50 XOs to children in the country of its choice. If you're willing to go up to 1,000 or more laptops, they'll cost you $249 each (with the Foundation kicking in an extra 250+ laptops), while 10,000 or more laptops will run you just $200 apiece. If that's the opportunity you've been waiting for, you can hit up the link below to get things started.

[Via OLPC News]