Hitachi's Ultra Thin Series LCD HDTVs coming to the U.S. in 2008, sans wireless?

We won't be waiting long for Hitachi's new thin LCDs, the company announced they will make their U.S. debut in 2008. No details on price, but we can still take a look at the feature list for the 42- and 37-inch Ultra Thin 1080p HDTVs, coming in Q2, along with the 32-inch 720p version due in the first quarter of next year. With Hitachi's latest 120Hz anti-judder technology and image processing stuffed into 1.5-inch thick frames, these screens may not be quite as thin as some of the competition but will hit store shelves far sooner. The bad news is there was no mention of the optional UWB expansion for wirelessly hooking up additional components. We hope Hitachi doesn't expect U.S. customers to go through the hassle of actually plugging things into our HDTVs, or if we at least get an additional HDMI port for the trouble.