RelaxView 5.0 Dental Pack distracts from pain, does not clean teeth

In a clever bit of marketing designed to play to our deepest fears of oral torture at the hands of a disgruntled hygienist, Dutch manufacturer relaxView B.V. is bundling a head-mounted display with a portable DVD player and offering it up to dentists as a way to distract their victims patients from the unbearable pain. The RelaxView 5.0 Dental Pack combines the company's relaxView 3.0 HMD (simulates a 1.5-meter VGA screen at a distance of three meters), unnamed model of Discman, and "disposable hygiene set" (read: pack of alcohol swabs) into a package that differentiates itself by promising "optimum comfort" derived from a 65-gram weight and adjustable nose support. Not too shabby: if we had the rate our options in these situations, we'd pick watching a movie just ahead of staring at the colorful exam room artwork, and just behind a heavy drugging.