Wal-Mart now selling Toshiba's A2 HD DVD player for $198?

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Thomas Ricker
October 25, 2007 7:36 AM
Wal-Mart now selling Toshiba's A2 HD DVD player for $198?

Remember all the hubbub about the $299, then sub-$200 Wal-Mart HD DVD player? Well, if that photo is to be believed, then it's here. However, this ain't some cheapo, no-name player. Nope, it's Toshiba's A2, listing for $399 back in April, now just $198. According to the AVS Forum jockey who supposedly took the pic, it'll be on sale nationwide on November 3rd with an allocation of 18 units per store. However, at least a few lucky AVS members are reporting that sales have already begun. So what's the dealio readers, how's it looking at your own local Wally World?

[Thanks, Andrew]
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