Intel's Nehalem roadmap gets outed

Just a day after hearing that Intel was firing up its new Arizona-based facility in order to crank out heaps of 45-nanometer Penryn chips, along comes more news on the next best thing. Granted, Intel already gave Nehalem a share of the limelight earlier this year, but new documents are giving us a more detailed look at what types of quad-core processors we can expect in late 2008. Among the new names are Gainstown and Bloomfield, both of which are expected to land in high-end rigs and boast "Extreme" monikers. There's not a whole of lot of surprises here, as the charts still point to an estimated Q4 release date and show speeds topping out around the 3.2GHz mark. For those with nothing better to do than overlook the present and long for the future, be sure and hit the read link below -- preferably after you've rounded up a Japanese translator.

[Via RegHardware]