iPhone and iPod touch v1.1.1 get instant jailbreak + installer

We could hardly believe it ourselves, but the open source community has parlayed that game-changing v1.1.1 TIFF exploit / file system hack into a full-on ready to rumble instant installer for AppTapp on the iPhone and iPod touch. Check out TUAW for the steps and further details, but we tried it on our v1.1.1 touch and it worked like a damn charm. In fact, we think this is finally what's going to get us to upgrade that virgin 1.0.2 iPhone we've been using. Fingers crossed.

Update: We upgraded that iPhone and it worked well, just like the touch (albeit a bit slower, since it's pretty clear all the upgraders are slamming the AppTapp download servers). Our hats go off to the dozens of hackers that developed this one, this is impressive stuff.