Samsung lays out OLED roadmap

Samsung's already proven itself to be pretty big on OLED, and it doesn't look like that's about to change anytime soon, with it now taking advantage of the FPD International show to lay out its plans through the year 2010. According to Tech-On, in the nearest term, Samsung says it expects to have 3.5 to 7-inch panels ready for use in various ultra mobile PCs in 2008, which will be followed by 14, 15 and 21-inch panels for laptops and desktop monitors in 2009. Further on down the road, Samsung says it'll push out some full HD, 40 and 42-inch OLED panels in the year 2010, at which point the technology will no doubt seem woefully outdated. But that's not all, while it's apparently not committing itself to an exact date, the company says it expects to have a flexible OLED display "by 2012 at the latest," and even some OLED lighting systems that it says could cost as little as "1 euro cent per lumen."

[Thanks, Slacker]