Walgreens aiming to get DVD-burning kiosks in stores soon

We've seen this one coming for quite awhile, but now that the DVD CCA has approved its restrictive download-to-burn scheme, Walgreens is diving in head first to the movie-burning kiosk arena. Reportedly, the company is hoping to "launch DVD-burning kiosks in the next few months," and it's said that the firm is already "working with Hollywood studios" to get the technology in stores on the double. According to reports, consumers would be able to create a DVD "in about 15 minutes," and while no pricing specifics were doled out just yet, Polar Frog [a licensing outfit] Chief Executive Todd Rosenbaum suggested that studios weren't likely "to discount the DVDs." Oh, and just in case you were wondering where Blockbuster stood on the matter, spokesman Randy Hargrove stated that the firm "would examine" the situation, and if it "made sense to get into kiosks, it's clearly something [it] would do."