Woz raps on Apple for lower ideals, locked iPhone, less innovative UI

Joining a growing crowd of people to complain about the general lack of openness in the iPhone is none other than Steve Wozniak, co-founder of the company. Woz has a reputation for being critical of the company he helped create, although no-one would argue that his views are unreasonable: in an interview he calls into question Apple's treatment of the iPhone as an appliance, and not as a computer platform designed to allow users to install their own apps at will ("I'm really for the unlockers, the rebels trying to make it free.") He also took a dig at Leopard, saying that OSes aren't what sell computers these days, and that OS updates today are nothing more than slow improvements, rather than a procession towards a UI that works "for someone who knows nothing about the computer." Personally, we think these are fair viewpoints: as much as we may hate to say it, a lot of new technology these days requires a compromise. Isn't it about time compromise took a back seat?

[Thanks, Jame]