Tritton intros AX BlueStream Bluetooth stereo headset

Granted, Tritton's latest Bluetooth stereo headset isn't nearly as likely to garner strange looks in public as one of those tried and true BT earpieces, but we suppose we can live without all the negative attention if necessary. The AX BlueStream features a simple, 2.5-inch long clip-on device that enables users to stream tunes to earbuds of their choice via the 3.5-millimeter audio out, handle phone calls via the built-in microphone and check caller ID information on the integrated OLED display. Additionally, the unit boasts USB connectivity and can be used for PC / Mac-based VoIP calling if that's your bag. For those looking to give that ear a rest (and regain some sense of pride in the process), you can pick up Tritton's alternative right now for $79.99.