Hands-on (again) with Samsung's P2

Yeah, we already got our P2 touching on back in those heady days of August, and we even saw this sucker unboxed in September, but now Samsung has made everything official and thrust it into some impenetrable plastic packaging for our own unboxing pleasure. Seriously, this thermoformed plastic was some of the worst we've ever encountered, and due to a sudden absence of scissors at the Engadget HQ, we were literally risking life and limb to get this thing open. Once we broke in, it was smooth sailing. The device is pretty slick, and Samsung seems to have tweaked the touch sensitivity a bit more to our liking. The default scrolling menu is still pretty bad, but it's easy to switch to a basic grid interface. The preloaded songs were of course smooth jazz bad techno, but it was no trouble at all getting some of our Rhapsody tunes onto the device -- no installation necessary, we just plugged it in and it worked, and we got similar results with Windows Media Center for some TV transfers. It's hard to get used to that little round dot at the bottom of the player not being a button, but the screen controls are easy enough, and the side buttons are a nice touch for when you're operating the device without looking. The included headphones are naturally horrible, but you're going to be picking up some stereo Bluetooth headphones for this one anyways, right?