MadCatz announces iPhone-compatible AirDrives headphones

MadCatz may be best known for its video game accessories, but it looks like the company isn't about to let the iPhone bandwagon pass it by, with it now announcing that it'll soon release an iPhone-compatible version of its AirDrives "interactive headphones." Helping the phones earn that distinction, it seems, is their use of MadCatz's trademark InAir technology, which lets wearers still hear what's going on around them. New to the iPhone-friendly model (that's the non-iPhone version up above) is an integrated microphone, and the always-useful one-touch music-to-phone capability. Of course, there's nothing to stop you from using them with something other than an iPhone, although if you don't need the headset functionality, you may want to opt for the standard $100 models, as these'll drive a slight premium of $120 when they're released early next year.