Wibrain's B1 UMPC gets redesigned, retargeted

It's been a while since we last heard anything about Wibrain's B1 UMPC, but it looks like the company hasn't been ignoring the device in the past few months, as it now sports a slightly redesigned look and, apparently, an expanded target market. The biggest change on the design front, it seems, is a new input system in the device's lower right corner and, as you can see, a new black casing that we hadn't seen before. According to CNET, the company's CEO has also said that the device is "targeted at the overseas market." and not just the Korean market as we had heard earlier. For those curious, the company also looks to have let loose a few more specs, including word that'll it'll pack a 4-inch WSVGA screen, a 30GB or 60GB hard drive, and mobile WiMAX in addition to standard 3G options. While there's no word on exactly when it might make it overseas, those in Korea will apparently be able to get their hands on one before the end of the year.

[Thanks, Kev]