Everex hatches plans for sub-$300 "gOS" Wal-Mart laptop

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|11.02.07

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Everex hatches plans for sub-$300 "gOS" Wal-Mart laptop
Everex -- riding high on the semi-propulsive steam that is currently buoying the company into the public eye (due to its Ubuntu-based, $198, "gOS" Wal-Mart desktop) -- is about to take things to the next sub-level. According to reports, the company plans to launch a line of ultra-cheap laptops next year, ranging in size from 12.1-inch to 17-inch, starting at under $300. Like its desktop brother, the portable computer will feature the company's custom operating system, which puts the emphasis on Google webapps with familiar icons, and a launch-bar with links to the ubiquitous portal's content. "The intent of gOS is to take [Linux] to the consumer and do what Steve Jobs did with Mac OS X-- to take an alternative OS and package it for the consumer," says David Liu, founder of gOS -- though it's clear they've got an uphill battle for the hearts of Wal-Mart buyers. There's only one question on our minds: will the laptop be as hideously ugly as the desktop?
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