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Onda's VX888 PMP gets its shine on

Onda's not exactly known for its originality, and even though the VX888 doesn't do much to buck the trend, it's not a half bad media player on paper. Aside from featuring an oh-so-trendy chrome backside, a glossy face and a strange connection with Absolut, this unit boasts a two-inch LCD, 1GB of storage, an FM tuner, photo viewer, built-in equalizer and support for XviD / AVI / FLV / APE / FLAC / WMA / MP3 files. Additionally, this player reportedly utilizes Microsoft's PlayFX for 3D headphone effects and volume normalizing, but we're not entirely sure we believe the claim. Nevertheless, those in China can press their luck for just 299 CNY ($40).

[Via PMPToday]