Egoman's MD382iFTD PMP: more of the same

Another day, another ho hum media player from China. This go 'round we're looking at Egoman Technology's (saywha?) MD382iFTD, which not surprisingly gets at least some inspiration from a more mainstream device -- Samsung's U600. Specs wise, you'll find a two-inch 220 x 176 resolution display (or apparently, a 1.8-incher can be had as well), an optional FM tuner, up to 8GB of storage space, a microSD expansion slot, support for MP3, WMA, MTV, JPEG and BMP files, a rechargeable Li-ion, seven pre-set equalizer modes and USB 2.0 connectivity. Unfortunately, it seems Egoman prefers to sell these things in bulk, so if you've recently lost your mind and have an insatiable urge to get a thousand of these things delivered to your door, hit 'em up to talk pricing.

[Via PMPToday]