A look at new LotRO loot from 'The Rift'

TenTonHammer has posted a guide that looks at some of the loot from Lord of the Rings Online's new raid instance, 'The Rift of Nurz Ghashu', in which players get to band together to hunt down a poor defenseless Balrog. There will eventually be more parts to the guide, but this first installment examines the loot rewarded from handing in Rift-iron coins.

The aforementioned coins are obtained by turning in ore from The Rift, and are then traded on for various items. Note that the coins are not used to get class-specific sets -- these will come from the dropped gems, covered in a future guide. The coins can be traded for some useful consumables, or other general armor pieces (which still look like fairly decent items).

Almost all armor items will cost 2 coins, with the one exception being a 4-coin ring, and the consumables are between 1-2 coins each. It looks like even if you aren't lucky enough to get your hands on a gem during a raid, grabbing some ore to trade for coins can still net you some nice new shineys. The full list of coin loot, with stats and costs, is available via the link below.