More details from Google's Android press release

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|11.05.07

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Nilay Patel
November 5th, 2007
More details from Google's Android press release
We're probably going to be hearing a lot about Google's Open Handset Alliance and Android mobile phone software platform in the days to come, but the official press release contains quite a few things to chew on while we wait for the deluge. The big dogs in OHA appear to be Google, T-Mobile, HTC, Qualcomm and Motorola, but the list of companies that have joined the group is insanely long -- we're counting 33, and that's just the companies who've joined as of today. Notables include Intel, LG, Samsung, Sprint Nextel, KDDI, Broadcom, Marvell, Texas Intruments, NVIDIA, and eBay (probably because of Skype). Equally interesting are the prominent absences from the list -- it looks like Nokia, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon and Softbank aren't in on this party just yet. Peep the full list of companies after the break.

Read -- OHA press release
Read -- OHA members page

  • Aplix
  • Ascender Corporation
  • Audience
  • Broadcom
  • China Mobile
  • eBay
  • Esmertec
  • Google
  • HTC
  • Intel
  • KDDI
  • LivingImage
  • LG
  • Marvell
  • Motorola
  • NMS Communications
  • Noser
  • NTT DoCoMo
  • Nuance
  • PacketVideo
  • Qualcomm
  • Samsung
  • SiRF
  • SkyPop
  • Sonivox
  • Sprint Nextel
  • Synaptics
  • TAT
  • Telecom Italia
  • Telefonica
  • Texas Instruments
  • T-Mobile
  • Wind River
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