Retro Review: Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon
Original Release Date:
September 10, 1998

Of all the retro re-releases on the PS Store so far, this is the most ideally suited for the PSP. With frequent save points, fast load times, and generally solid gameplay, Insomniac's early platformer still manages to impress. The gameplay is admittedly on the simplistic side, but there is no doubt that nearly a decade ago, Insomniac was pushing some truly impressive tech. The graphics are silky smooth, and the Sypro character lives with animation akin to that of the Ratchet series. The game looks as good as an average PSP game (albeit running in 4:3).

Make sure you switch to control type 4 on the PSP. You'll be surprised at how well Spyro can be controlled. Platforming is a breeze, and the camera (controlled by the D-Pad) works surprisingly well (provided you switch to the Active camera system). Gliding and shooting flames comes with such ease that navigating the expansive colorful worlds is quite charming. Don't expect the game to get difficult, though. This is clearly a children's game, and the platforming (and especially combat) rarely test the player's mettle.

Save points do come every five minutes making it the ideal PSP game to download. At $6, this is a fantastic value for a classic. Fans of Insomniac's other games will do well in picking up this piece of PlayStation history.
Retro Review: 7.5