Retro Review: Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2
Original Release Date:
October 31, 1996

Once again, another stellar retro classic hits the PS Store, for play on both PSP and PS3. Twisted Metal 2 is an improved sequel of the most definitive car combat game of all time. There's a reason why Twisted Metal was so beloved: it had a lot of personality, with its apocalyptic levels and crazed vehicle designs. The relentless difficulty of the game and simplistic presentation take a lot away from this re-release, but at $6, it's still a fairly solid retread to invest in, especially for portable gamers.

Once again, the simple controls work well on the PSP (using control type 2). The cars are incredibly responsive, and can make unrealistically sharp turns at a moment's notice. It felt weird using Square to accelerate (instead of X), but there are very few surprises in the controls. Weapons are easy to switch between, and they're easy to use as well. It can become problematic to find enemies in the game's relatively large levels, but when competition is near, it's fast and furious.

Overall, what hurts this retro game is how difficult it is. There's multiple choices, but it's not easy to take down a racer, and health upgrades are few and far apart. It'll take a lot of luck and skill to survive the game's championship mode. Thankfully, the ability to play individual tracks will help you discover the locations of secrets, giving you a much-needed edge in a rather unfair fight.
Retro Review: 6.0