Lenovo intros the ThinkStation S10 and D10 workstations

Lenovo, a company which appears to be inching out from under the thumb of parent IBM, today announced two new desktops christened with the ThinkStation moniker aimed at the enterprise market. On the more "conservative" side, the ThinkStation S10 offers either an Intel Core 2 or Core 2 Extreme processor, an NVIDIA graphics chipset, plus "multiple slots, bays and USB ports." Big brother ThinkStation D10 ups the ante on the CPU-side by adding an Intel Quad Core Xeon processor, which should warm your lab nicely. The systems are aimed at users engaged in "graphically and computationally-intensive" tasks, though the workstations also meet Energy Star 4.0 requirements, and contain more than 50-percent recycled plastics content. The new PCs will be available in January, with the S10 starting at $1,199, and the D10 at $1,739.

[Via Reuters]