Retro Reviews round-up: Spyro & Twisted Metal

PSP Fanboy has been reviewing all of the PS1 re-releases from the PS Store. They recently added three more games, all of which are playable (upscaled!) on the PS3. Here are a few excerpts, but to check them all out, visit PSP Fanboy.

Wipeout - Ultimately, the game's true shortcoming is well ... how short it is. With so few tracks and ships to choose from, one can't help but think that $6 is the absolute most you should pay for this trip down memory lane. A solid game -- but there's far better options. 6.5

Spyro the Dragon
- With frequent save points, fast load times, and generally solid gameplay, Insomniac's early platformer still manages to impress. The gameplay is admittedly on the simplistic side, but there is no doubt that nearly a decade ago, Insomniac was pushing some truly impressive tech. The graphics are silky smooth, and the Sypro character lives with animation akin to that of the Ratchet series. The game looks as good as an average PSP game (albeit running in 4:3). 7.5

Twisted Metal 2
- There's a reason why Twisted Metal was so beloved: it had a lot of personality, with its apocalyptic levels and crazed vehicle designs. The relentless difficulty of the game and simplistic presentation take a lot away from this re-release, but at $6, it's still a fairly solid retread to invest in, especially for portable gamers. 6.0