Conclusion to The Rift loot guide

We've reached part four of TenTonHammer's guide to the equipment obtained in Lord of the Rings Online's new raid zone, The Rift of Nurz Ghashu. In this final update, it is Hunters, Captains, and Burglars whose eyes will light up, as their new class-specific armor sets are examined in detail. The three classes will receive the "Doom-Hunter" set, the "Armor of the North Star", and the "Thrill-Seeker" set, respectively.

As with the other Rift gear we've had a look at, these sets are some of the best equipment in the game. Each gem that is handed in for gear will be needed by each class, and will always result in the same slot of armor. For example, a Sparkling Diamond is what is used for the glove-slot armor of every class. This does make it a bit easier to keep track of than in some other games, where the same quest item may equal different types of armor for different classes, and a whole raid can stall while people struggle to figure out if it's something they need or not.

So if the thought of slaying a Balrog isn't enough of an incentive for you to try and assemble your guild at The Rift (it isn't?) then hopefully the lure of these epic lewts will draw you to this exciting new content. Part four of the guide -- for hunters, burglars and captains -- is found through the related story link, and if you didn't get to see our previous posts, here is our coverage of part one, part two and part three.