Hitachi's DZ-BD7HA Blu-ray / 30GB HDD hybrid camcorder reviewed

We've come to expect flaws in gizmos these days, particularly in first generation products, but judging by CamcorderInfo's review of Hitachi's "world's first Blu-ray camcorder," this thing should be sent straight back to R&D. Truth be told, it's not that often that we see a review this harsh, but we understand the need to be particularly critical when pondering a $1,600 purchase. Nevertheless, the DZ-BD7HA was essentially thrashed from top to bottom save for its stylish design and satisfactory outdoor shooting performance.. Testing revealed abysmal results when it was used in even the brightest of low-light situations, and the lackluster manual controls, omitted optical image stabilization (it opts for electronic IS) and a dreadful auto response system pretty much eliminated any shot at redemption. Honestly, repeatedly hearing about its "terrible image quality" throughout the review would be enough to scare away most, but if you just can't believe things are that bad, hit the read link and judge for yourself.