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Exradia suggests that iPhones could warp brains

While we wouldn't mind a bit if the iPhone had an easy-to-replace battery like most mobiles these days, it seems that Exradia feels that such an oversight was nothing short of (potentially) harmful. As you very well know, we've seen so much conflicting data regarding the true danger of "cellphone radiation" that we've basically given up on trying to make sense of it all, but the aforementioned replacement battery outfit -- which just so happens to integrate a mystical RF-blocking circuit into each cell -- is reportedly "surprised [that] Apple has chosen to ignore this potential health issue" by not giving users the option to spend a bit of coin with Exradia. David Schick, the firm's chief executive, went on to state that there was "no scientific evidence that clearly demonstrates mobile devices are safe," but he unsurprisingly failed to mention that the flipside of that statement is also true. Whatever the case, we wouldn't worry too much about this shameless grub for money -- considering just how many mobile users are yapping it up right now, we'll all go down together should these fears prove true.

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