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Microsoft offers up new Windows XP license for refurbished PCs

Good news for companies looking to refurbish and resell their dust-collecting PCs -- as of Friday, Microsoft has broadened its refurbishing rules in order to give outfits with heaps of not-quite-antiquated computers a way of offloading them with genuine copies of Windows XP. More specifically, Redmond will now be offering up a license for refurbishers "that is only available through the MAR program," and PCs that get equipped with Windows XP Home for Refurbished PCs or Windows XP Professional for Refurbished PCs will need to have a Certificate of Authenticity, too. Essentially, Microsoft is attempting to make the lives of those looking to deliver preinstalled Windows XP licenses on refurbed rigs a bit easier, but of course, there's a pretty rigid list of requirements that you'll have to meet before the MAR welcomes you in.

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