Intel launches desktop and server-class 45nm Penryn processors: a sweet 16 indeed

Right on schedule, we've got 16 new server and high-end desktop processors based on Intel's new 45nm manufacturing and Penryn architecture. The procs all deliver more power from less juice while eliminating lead for a more eco-friendly impact over time. The QX9650 desktop proc receives the spotlight, again, as does the "world-record" setting performance of a 3.2GHz quad-core Xeon 5400 "Stoakley" proc with a 1600MHz front side bus and 12MB cache. Right, the same chip that Apple's rumored to be waiting on for their Mac Pro update. At least some of the new processors will be available today inside pre-built systems -- the rest will arrive within the next 45 days. Bulk pricing begins at $177 for the 1.86Ghz dual-core Xeon on up to $1,279 for the 3.2GHz quad-core mother.

[Via Electronista]