Report: TT Games sold to Warner Bros. for approx. $210 million

A Manchester Evening News article profiles Jon Burton, the man who started up developer Traveller's Tales -- later transformed into TT Games and swallowed whole by Warner Bros. last week. From humble beginnings in Cheshire, England in 1989, the company has grown to accomodate over 200 employees across the country and has sold over 42 million games, the majority of which were based on licensed properties. The report asserts that Burton, who owns 80% of the company, sold TT Games to Warner Bros. for the sum of "about" £100 million (approximately $210 million) spread over five years.

"After 18 years in the video games industry, the opportunity to become a meaningful part of the world's leading entertainment company is the fulfilment of a dream," said Burton. The Warner siblings are sure to be just as grateful, as their array of films and TT Games' success with licensed properties click together perfectly, much like those Lego bricks everyone's so fond of these days.